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History of NLINKS (1998-2001)

The idea of NLINKS originated in a November 1998 NANDA Board Meeting and met with membership approval at the NANDA 2000 Conference. Between April 2000 and July 2001, LINKS grew from an idea to reality through the generous donations of contributors and through an award from the Beaumont Faculty Development Fund of Saint Louis University. The purpose of the award was to develop filters for nursing diagnosis related databases and to link them to PubMed in the National Library of Medicine. Click here to access the research results (


History of NLINKS

Updated In 2013, its focus was sharpened. The databases assumed a more central role. Added to the site was a page dedicated to Internet tools used in the diagnosis and management of pain in advanced practice. This page was developed and evaluated by Eileen Healy, in partial fulfillment of her doctor of nursing practice degree requirement at Saint Louis University. Also added were opportunities to contact Dr. Lavin or Dr. Meyer with questions concerned clinical utilization of nursing diagnoses or diagnostic development, respectively.

Current funding is provided by Dr. Lavin at Saint Louis University. Use of this site is free. No subscriptions are required.


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