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NLINKS in Saint Louis, MO is a virtual organization: an Internet-based, online service that is international in scope and delivers the most thorough and exhaustive information on nursing language and research. We work in partnership with our support groups, members and individuals and provide a collaborative network instead of a competitive one.  

NLINKS Support

Mary Ann Lavin, DSc, RN, BC, ANP, FAAN
Geralyn Meyer, PhD, RN
Kristine M. Gebbie, DPH, FAAN
Kay Avant, PhD, RN
Mattias Odenbreit 

in gratitude to our early contributors:


Dickson Weir-Hughs
Chief Nurse & Deputy Chief Executive
The Royal Marsden Hospital London
and Surrey, England

Kristine Gebbie, DrPH, RN, FAAN

Suzanne Beyea, PhD, RN, CS 

Nancy Creason, PhD, RN

Kay Avant, PhD, RN, FAAN

Paul Wibbenmeyer, RN

Michael Morgan, PhD, RN
University of Michigan

Scott Lamont, Specialty Nurse
San Francisco, CA

Mattias Odenbreit, Expert
Bern, Switzerland

Steffen Fleischer 
Halle, Germany
Saint Louis University School of Nursing, USA

Mary Ann Lavin, DSc, RN, BC, ANP, FAAN USA

Dina A. L. Monteiro Cruz, RN, MNSc, PhD
Pauline Green, PhD, RN

Sheila Sparks, DNSc, RN, CS

Winnifred Mills, BScN, Med

Norma Metheny, RN,PhD,FAAN
Saint Louis, MO

Norma Metheny, RN,PhD,FAAN
Saint Louis, MO

Jennifer Germond
New Orleans, LA

Almuth Berg, Graduate Student
University of Halle, Germany

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