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NLINKS in Saint Louis, MO is an online informational site to provide nurses and medical professionals throughout the world with resources to conduct advanced searches,based on filters that have been tested and evaluated. (

Instructions are simple.

1.Click on the database link

2.Notice that a PubMed webpage appears.

3.Notice that there are search terms already entered into the search box. This is the database filter. Do not add to or subtract from these terms, if you desire to use the filter as it was designed and tested.

4.To use the database filter, simply

· Add your search term or terms or search string in the PubMed search             box before the filter terms already present in the search box.

 ·Connect your search term or terms to the filter by a Boolean AND

 ·      Be sure to leave a space before and after the AND

 ·      Be sure to type the Boolean AND in caps

5.Click on the “Go” button.

6.Your search will appear.

7.Limit your search by clicking on “Limits” in the PubMed tool bar and then limit by year, abstracts only, or subset, etc. Note that by clicking on the subset drown down menu that one of the choices is “Nursing Journals,” meaning that you can limit your search to nursing journals.

8. Since you are in PubMed at the National Library of Medicine, you may use all the other NCBI functions, e.g., repeating the search in another NCBI database e.g., PMC, or save the search in NCBI or send it to yourself by selecting one of several destinations.

9. The various NLINK databases follow.


The Nursing Diagnosis Database 

Nursing Diagnosis and Primary Data Database

Nursing Sensitive Patient Outcomes Database

The Primary Data Database   

Nursing Sensitive Patient Outcomes and Primary Data Database




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